• Domino in play—Object for the 13th Architecture Biennale in Venice 2012

  • Domino in play
    Our work for the Biennale is made up of 7 aluminium slabs and 96 brass pillars. The slab/pillar structure, optimised in Le Corbusier’s Domino house, represent an ideal tectonic system. When exposed to lateral forces, stabilising elements, eg walls, are necessary to freeze the image of the ideal.Our object puts Domino into play, by focusing on the moment before the stabilising act, before the image is frozen. The imperfection in the structure, the non-rigid joints between pillar and slab, makes the object unstable. thus responsive to the outside influence of the visitors and of the Nordic pavilion itself.

    The Nordic pavillion was curated by Peter MacKeith and The Biennale was directed by David Chipperfield. Crafted in collaboration with Thomas Hydling, smith.

    Domino in play


    City—Helsinki, Museum of Finnish Architecture